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Backwater is a National Film School graduate film directed by Brendan McCallion. 

The meaning of the word “backwater” is:

“A place or situation in which no development or progress is taking place.”

The storyline of the short film follows a young man stuck in rural Ireland, looking after his father with Alzheimer’s, I wanted the promotional approach to communicate both the setting of an Irish farm and also the disorientation of the fathers illness through the use of photo collage representing his fragmented memories.

In these film titles I wanted to set the scene of this short film without giving too much of the story line away by showing the detailed, still and unkept features of a rural Irish farm where it is clear there has been no “development or progress”. 

Scroll down to watch full motion piece.

Motion Graphics, Photography, Videography,

Art Direction, Packaging, Print, Editorial.


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